Auto Body Repair Process

At our Waipahu auto body shop we have developed steps to ensure the highest level of service.



In this segment the vehicle is inspected, data is collected by taking pictures of the damage area, along with vehicle information is entered into an estimate computer system. An estimate compiles the cost of parts and materials and labor hours which determines the repair cost. There may be hidden damages that cannot be seen until the vehicle is “broken down”, disassembled. There’s no charge for the estimate.



Automotive repairs range from scratches, scrapes, scuffs, dents to damage caused by collisions. We repair damage bodies and replace body parts of vehicles.



  • If a scuff or scratch is to the top clear coat layer. Manufacture have at least 2 -3 layers of the glossy protective coating. Repair begins with light sanding to smooth the area, followed by light buffing.
  • If the damage is a dent that has not penetrated the clear or base coat which is the paint color, paintless dent removal is a possibility. This method is done by pushing or massaging the metal from inside, enabling the metal to return to the normal position
  • If the damage affects several panels, parts may be removed to gain access to the vehicle body, or parts need to be removed and replaced with new parts. Repairs also include dents that may be pulled out and body worked.


Preparation is the key for a glossy refinish. The panels are sanded, primed and sealed to assure prefect adhesion before the base and clear coat is painted.

We use PPG as our preferred refinishing manufacturer. PPG is the world leader in coatings and specialty products that operates in over 70 countries around the world. The Ferrari manufacturer uses PPG, why not have the best for your vehicle.

Keeping up with technology, we converted to the PPG Water Borne Paint System providing greater color match and its eco-friendly.

During this process, we keep you updated of any changes. If there are hidden damages we need your approval/insurance company prior to ordering the additional parts causing delays.

The delays could be minimal depending on the responsiveness of the insurance company and the parts provider. We know the importance for you to have your vehicle back as soon as possible. Our goal is to do our best to restore your vehicle to the condition it was prior to the accident and in a timely manner.

When you pick up your vehicle it will be cleaned, vacuumed, windows cleaned and the tires dressed. We want your friends, neighbors and family to know that your car was at a body shop that cares. Let us WOW and AMAZE you!